Schedule Dashboard

Make a new schedule

Check the details of the schedule


Schedule Dashboard

You can make a new schedule, and check status of each project on schedule dashboard.

1. You can make a new schedule by clicking "Add schedule".

2. You can check/edit the sharing setting. 

3. You can share this schedule with non-Crevo Base users. You can also rename/copy/delete this schedule from here.

4. You will move to detailed schedule when you click schedule name.

5. You can check progress of project (based on task completion) from here.

6. You can check the progress of tasks by each member.

Make a new schedule

1. Click "Add schedule".

2. Input schedule name.

3. You can choose template if your client has made templates.

4. Set the start date of the project.

5. Make a task group first.

6. Add tasks under the task group.

*You can change the date of tasks and task groups by drag and drop.

*You can assign members per task.

*You can edit the task by clicking the task on the calendar.

Check the details of the schedule

We will explain detailed menu of schedule.

1. If there are multiple schedules in the project, you can move to other schedule. 

2. You can check/edit members to share.

3. You can make a new task group from here.

4. You can sort the tasks by each member.

5. You can make a new task under the task group.

6. You can copy/delete the task group.

7. You can edit/copy/delete the task.

8. You can set the person in charge of the task from here.

9. Speech bubble will appear if there is a description about the task.

10. You can read the description about the task if you click the task on the calendar.

11. You can issue share URL.

12. You can issue a PDF of the schedule.

*People written below can make a new schedule:

 - Operator(Manager)
 - Operator invited to that project
 - Creator invited to that project

*Only members who are checked on schedule setting can edit schedule.